FTP Services

Each Virtual Private Servers resides in a protected sandbox with 24/7 monitoring.

FTP Instructions

Procedures to request FTP access for external groups.

If you are a group that wants to participate in the file exchange program you will need to fill out online request form and submit it to the IS Department at Superior Vision Services for review.

Once the request is approved, a formal document outlining your account will be sent out via fax or email. Everything needed to begin using the account will be contained in this document, except for your password.

In order to obtain password, requestor must call 1.800.923.6766 ext.2230.

All completed forms will be filed in the FTP access folder maintained in the IS Department.

File Transfer Center

This browser accessible interface can be used to manage your site. It has full administrative capabilities and will allow you to set preferences. Here you will be free to change your password to whatever you like and of course maintain file management. This includes uploading and downloading files.

FTP Request Form

Superior Vision Public Key