Medical Management for Quality Care and Savings

Improve Vision Care and Reduce Costs

Superior Vision’s Medical Management program delivers quality care while driving cost savings and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our program encompasses:

  • Latest in evidence-based medicine to assist providers with care decisions
  • Board-certified Ophthalmologists and Optometrists on staff to review requests and ensure members receive quality care
  • Medical management platform based on clinical guidelines
  • Quality Assurance program
  • Extensive performance management
  • Retrospective data analytics

Watch Our Video

Mark C. Ruchman M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Superior Vision, begins the conversation with colleagues on shared obligations for patient care and regulatory compliance.

Providers who participate in our medical management program can find additional information on our policies and instructional videos in our provider portal.

Ophthalmology is the Second Largest Medicare Cost Specialty

medical management graph
Note: Eye Care costs include ophthalmology, optometry, and optician costs
Source: CMS, Dept. of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging

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