All About Frames General Guidelines

When selecting a new pair of frames, the General Guidelines below can help you with the fit and comfort of your new glasses.

Frames come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. To help you select the right shape, learn more about your face shape and how to select frames that will complement the natural curves of your face.

Lastly, there are many choices and terms to know about before ordering your eyeglass lenses. We can help you learn all about lenses so that you can make the clear choice.

General Guidelines

  • Eye Position
    Your eyes should be centered within the lens openings, regardless of frame shape.
  • Width
    Choose frames that are wide enough so there is slight clearance between the frames and the sides of your head. If frames feel too tight or loose at the store, they can feel very uncomfortable after several hours of wear.
  • Brow
    Let your eyebrows define the top of your frames; the top of the frames should follow your natural brow line. Darker or thicker or darker frames can balance thick eyebrows.
  • Proportion
    Select frames in proportion to your body size and weight. Thin and delicate frames accentuate slender figures, and thicker frames balance well with fuller figures.
  • Lenses
    Thinner, lighter, reflection-free lenses are premium choices, but may come at extra costs. High-index plastic lenses and anti-reflective coatings make for a flattering appearance. For bifocals, progressive lenses can provide a contemporary, no-line look.