Vision Care Resources

Vision Definitions

Have you heard a term you do not understand or want to look up a vision disease or disorder? Use our Vision Definitions resource to look up a variety of eye and vision diseases, disorders, and definitions.

Vision Wellness

Superior Vision’s Wellness Program fosters communication between our members, their eye care provider, and their primary care physician or specialist(s). It is used to capture eye exam findings that the member can then share with their health care physician at their own discretion. Superior Vision members can login for more information about the program.

Order Contacts Online

Superior Vision member can use their benefits to order contact lenses online at a special discount.

Healthy Sight Calculator

Use the Healthy Sight Calculator, by Transitions®, to learn your risk for vision problems, calculate the costs, and learn how early detection of vision and health problems can save you money.

Third Party Resources

Here are some online resources for learning more about vision care.

All About Vision

American Academy of Ophthalmology

American Diabetes Association

American Optometric Association

Children's Eye Foundation

EyeCare America

Health Law Guide for Business


National Association of Vision Care Plans

Natural Eye Care

National Eye Institute

Prevent Blindness America

The Vision Council

Transitions Healthy Sight

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