Get Ready to Believe Your Eyes

It’s Great to See You!

Last year, Superior Vision joined forces with the Block Vision family of companies including Vision Insurance Plan of America (VIPA). We’ve taken the next step and all companies will operate under the Superior Vision brand.

  • is your online home if you have a stand-alone commercial group vision plan through an EMPLOYER.
  • If you have vision benefits though a HEALTH PLAN (e.g., Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare Advantage, Health Insurance Exchange) go to

What's New?

If you’re new to our website, create a new account to login to the secure member section. Here are a few tips:

  • The user ID is the SSN or Member ID of the primary member (The individual who originally enrolled in the program.)
  • All members associated with the primary member should use the same ID number.
  • Superior Vision ID cards include the subscriber’s name. All dependents should use the subscriber’s ID card. You can print a new/additional ID card after you login.

What Stays the Same?

Everything else stays the same.

  • Your member ID card is the same and your existing card will be accepted by your provider.
  • You’ll continue to have the same vision plan benefits and visit the same provider you always have.

Savings Come Into Focus

Your Superior Vision benefits provide clear savings over paying full retail price.

Understanding your vision plan benefits helps you maintain healthy eyes while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs.

Our Vision Wellness Program, SmartAlert, helps you communicate to your health care provider any health issues identified through an eye exam, including diabetes, high cholesterol, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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