Vision Wellness

A comprehensive eye exam can lead to an early diagnosis of such health issues as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Superior Vision’s SmartAlert Wellness Program fosters communication between you, your eye care provider, and your primary care physician or specialist(s) regarding any of these diagnoses. The easy-to-use SmartAlert forms are used by you and your eye care provider to capture eye exam findings that you can then share with your health care physician at your own discretion.

Helpful Tools

Fill out the My Vision Lifestyle Update Form and share it with your eye care provider. This form captures your current lifestyle factors which may contribute to the overall health and quality of your vision.

Your eye care provider fills out the Provider Communication Form regarding a diagnosis or other concerns regarding your eyes or vision and gives the completed form back to you. This form allows you and your eye care provider to compare eye and vision concerns and exam results from year to year.

If you are diagnosed with a health issue, you may share the completed Provider Communication Form with your primary care physician, specialist(s), or health programs at your discretion.

The SmartAlert program is offered at no cost to you and no enrollment is required. The program is confidential and complies with HIPAA guidelines, as all initial information is between you and your eye care provider. It is at your discretion to voluntarily share this valuable information with your medical physician(s) or health programs. At no time is your information shared with Superior Vision or your employer.

This is NOT a medical referral program but a voluntary sharing of information. All medical referrals should conform to the information detailed in your medical health plan.